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Latino Book Publisher - Custom Publishing Services
An imprint of the Hispanic Institute of Social Issues
Custom Cover Design – LBP believes in the individuality of
each writer and organization, therefore recycled template
covers are
not an option.

Custom Interior Book Design – LBP always matches the
exterior with the interior to produce a professional book.

Manuscript Review and Editorial Support

Picture and Illustration Scanning – High resolution for
printing quality

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and Sales

Copyright Registration Consultation – We walk you
through the process or register the application for you.

Photography, Video and Illustration Services

Author Website Design

Logo Design – Ideal service for book series, publishing
brand, or standard appearance, etc.

English and Spanish Translations

Book Printing Consultation

Book Printing Services – From 25 to 1500 or more books -
Paperback and Hardcover available, as well as Full Color
Children’s books

Please contact us today to learn more about LBP's
publishing services.
publishing services
Latino Book Publisher - Custom Publishing Services
retain financial and
creative control as
well as the rights of
your literary works
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