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Latino Book Publisher - Custom Publishing Services
An imprint of the Hispanic Institute of Social Issues

Thank you for visiting our page. If you are an aspiring or
published author or an organization in need of publishing
their own books or manuals, please take a few moments
to learn about what Latino Book Publisher can do for you.

Latino Book Publisher (LBP) designs and produces custom
book covers and text interiors for literary works of various
genres—professionally, accurately, timely, and with

LBP is a publishing service provider formed to meet the
demands of amateur and seasoned writers alike, who
seek to retain financial and creative control as well as the
rights of their literary works.

LBP recognizes that many writers have been underserved
and overlooked for a very long time by publishing houses
because their work "does not represent the mass

As a Latino publisher we aim to support the storytellers of
our culture, to remember and document the orall history of
our people, and to not forget what we ourselves have
experienced through life.

We also realize the amount of literary talent available in
the Latino community. Therefore, LBP hopes to bridge the
space between writer and publisher, by providing a line of
professional book design and production services.

LBP will walk you through the process of converting your
writings into a beautiful, professionally designed, and
marketable book.

Please contact us today to learn more about LBP.
latino book publisher
Latino Book Publisher - Custom Publishing Services
retain financial and
creative control as
well as the rights of
your literary works
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